Community Based Instruction

Community Based Instruction occurs when learning takes place in real life situations within the community. Most commonly, these situations take place outside of the school campus.

Our secondary and transition students participate in weekly Community Based Instruction (CBI) activities. Students are provided opportunities to practice skills learned in the classroom such as counting money, appropriate table manners, asking for assistance, comparison shopping, and demonstrating social skills.  Our CBI trips include visiting local stores, restaurants, gardens, charitable organizations, and recreational places.

Leisure and recreation activities help our students understand how to appropriately enjoy their free time while alone or through interaction with others.  We encourage students to participate in a wide variety of activities to enhance the development of their social and emotional skills so they may be able to make appropriate choices when presented with a variety of options.  Recreation activities often include community based activities such as bowling, visiting a park, and shopping.  By participating in these types of recreational activities, our students are able to practice appropriate interactions and demonstrate acceptable social behaviors.